Hello, my name is Sourannha.  (Saa-Ran-Ya)  contact me here:  simplysourannha@gmail.com

Hello, my name is Sourannha. (Saa-Ran-Ya)

contact me here: simplysourannha@gmail.com

Random Facts about me!

I love Pancakes! Fluffy Pancakes with maple syrup and/or plain with butter. 

Coffee Addict, Lattes to be exact no sugar.

Hiking is my meditation jam! I get my creative thoughts when I'm on the go.

I enjoy surfing, ya'know... paddle out and sit on my board watching the waves roll under me. You're welcome fellow surfers! 

Sourannha is an E-RYT 200 hr and RYT 500 hr Yoga Instructor.  She teaches a Hatha Flow Class, Yin and Yoga for Kids. 

Hi and Welcome! 
I started yoga to just move, exercise and be flexible.  To be honest, I wanted to touch my toes!  Not thinking that what I truly needed was to breathe, deeply breathe. Well if you didn't breathe you'd probably pass out eh? But I mean the good breathing techniques that the gurus in the caves teach you. With yoga and meditation, I was able to connect to a spiritual practice healing from inside out, that was much needed.  On my mat I could see where my strengths and struggles co-existed. I was determined to get that all sorted out, of course by learning how to do arm balances and back bends (*eyes shift from side to side).  A consistent practice has helped me to be mindful of  my body, mind and spirit.
Yoga is not just about doing arm balances and back bends! Who knew?
I couldn't get enough of this stuff! It made me feel amazing, I'd step off my mat feeling as if I was transported from another world. I wanted the "secret" to stay calm, be intuitive and focused. That lead me to more meditation, this time learning what it truly is.
I trained at Yoga Shakti Wellness, a lineage that's 5000 years old and unbroken (WOW! That's old...). This journey brought me to many teachers, mentors and fellow yogis. Who I am so grateful for and will continue to learn and grow with. I can't thank them enough for all their time, wisdom and encouragement.
My yoga mat is a space to be ME, move, clear the ‘mind chatter'. It's where I experienced mini successes one pose at a time, the struggle is real my friends but it gets better.  I hope to learn more and dig deeper into this discipline of yoga so that I may continue to pass on the knowledge. I look forward to supporting you in finding Your unique place on the mat. Come join me in a class, learn to touch your toes or a cool arm balance! 
Besides doing Yoga, you'll find me creating healthy meals, enjoying family time, camping out and hiking.  I hope this space inspires you to explore new poses, go on adventures and try new things.  
With Love,



Come to a class? Want to chat yoga or meet up? Reach me here simplysourannha@gmail.com