Hello, my name is Sourannah.  (Saa-Ran-Ya)

Hello, my name is Sourannah. (Saa-Ran-Ya)

Sourannha is an E-RYT 200 hr and RYT500 hr Yoga Instructor. Has completed her 500 hr Teacher Training. She teaches a dynamic vinyasa flow class, Yin and Yoga for Kids. 

Hi and Welcome! 
I started yoga to just move, exercise and be flexible. Not thinking that what I truly needed was to breathe, deeply breathe. By combining yoga and meditation, I was able to reconnect to a spiritual practice healing from inside out that was much needed. By understanding my breath and movement, on my mat I could see where my strengths and struggles coexisted. A consistent practice helped me to be mindful of body awareness, posture and increased my sense of balance on and off the mat. Wanting to continue the ability to stay calm and focus had lead me to meditation and learning what this truly is. Naturally, this was the beginning of my search for even more knowledge, more understanding and techniques of this ancient wisdom. I was fortunate to be in Southern California at the right time in my life, I trained at Yoga Shakti Wellness, who's lineage is 5000 years old and unbroken. This journey brought me to many teachers, mentors and fellow yogis. Who I am so grateful for and will continue learn and grow with. I cannot thank them enough for all their time, wisdom and encouragement.
My yoga mat presented a space to be free of the ‘mind chatter' where I experienced mini successes one pose at a time. In my everyday life, I hope to learn more and grow deeper into this discipline of yoga so that I may continue to share my yoga experience and knowledge as it grows. I look forward to supporting you in finding Your unique place on the mat. Come join me in a class! 
In addition to Yoga, you will find me creating healthy meals, enjoying the sunshine, camping out and hiking. Come and check in frequently! I hope this space inspires you to explore new poses, go on adventures and try new things. Follow me on my journey, let's create a community so that we can all evolve together. 



Please feel free to contact me at simplysourannha@gmail.com