1 Hour (Ages 8 -12)
Mon 4:00pm (60 Mins)

Pre-Registration Required


Baker Ranch Yoga
26981 Vista Terrace, Suite C
Lake Forest, CA 92630

A class just for kids! Explore yoga poses through stories and games. A 5 Week Series!

Each class begins with simple breathing techniques, we will work through sun salutations to help warm up the body and each class we end with svasana. Kids yoga has great benefits on and off the mat! Come and find out how.  

(You may drop off, however if you'd like to stay and join us please wear comfy clothes.)

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Mon  10:30pm (60 Mins)

Wed 12:30pm (60 Mins)

Baker Ranch Yoga
26981 Vista Terrace, Suite C
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Yin Yoga is a simple practice, but not necessarily easy. It consists of a series of long-held, passive seated and lying down poses that target mainly the connective tissues and muscles. It also improves the energy flow throughout the body. Yin Yoga complements a more active muscular style of asana practice (yang). Yin helps release physical tightness. Benefits of Yin Yoga are stress reduction, calming and balancing the mind and body, greater joint mobility, increased circulation, improved flexibility and deeper relaxation. Yin is practiced in a cool room and appropriate for all levels.


Private Lessons or  small group lessons are a great way to get one on one attention and work on your specific needs. In these lessons we will look at what it is that you want to work on, create a plan and practice it all in the comfort of a studio space, home or your preferred space. 

Lessons can be specific to Adults, Children, Families or Companies. Please contact me for pricing and bookings.


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